Series Information

Produced by Matthew Perta

Artscape features talented artists and art groups from the Greater Milwaukee area.
Wednesdays, 7pm, 10:30pm
Thursdays, 1:30am, 3am, 11am


Produced by Pam Zorko

For the Dogs.
Saturdays 3pm, 8pm
Sundays 11am, 8pm Mondays Noon


       Body of Christ Ministries
Produced by Pastor Kim Sorgent
Healing, restoration, and prayer for people wanting to be closer to Jesus.
Saturdays, 1pm and Midnight.
Sundays, 8am and 10pm


The Brew Crew Review
Produced by Craig Mueller
Featuring player interviews and discussion about
Our hometown Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.
Thursdays, 10pm
Saturdays, 2pm and 11pm
Sundays, 1pm and 11pm


Community Focus
Produced by Jerry Brooks

Highlighting beneficial services throughout the Milwaukee area.
Tuesdays, 7pm.
Wednesdays, 9am and 1pm.


Produced by Bob Schram
A show about Religion and stuff.
Saturdays , 4pm and 10pm
Sundays, 9am and 3pm


Good Vibrations
Produced by Dante T. Chestnut Sr.
Good Vibrations features signed and un-signed artists and executives who give back to the community.
Tuesdays, 9pm
Wednesdays, 5am, Noon


Highway of Holiness
Produced by Rev. Renae Carlson

Local minister discusses religion and how it relates to you.
Saturdays, Noon and 5pm
Sundays, Noon and 5pm


Insightful Happenings
Produced by Lynette Corsten

Local psychic, astrologer and reki master teacher discusses topics ranging from your future to health and wellness. Live call-in show on the last Tuesday of each month.
Tuesdays, 8pm.
Wednesdays, 10am.

It’s Polka Time
Produced by Gene Schwartz

Join Gene as he hosts a variety of Polka bands
that play all your favorites!
Mondays, 5pm and 9pm.
Tuesdays, 9am and 1pm.

 The Jayne Taylor Show
 Produced by Jayne Taylor
Join Jayne as she interviews other artists and performs.
Fridays, 6pm and 11pm.
Saturdays, 10am.



La Cuisine Du Garage
Produced by John Ash & Mark Meddaugh
Banned from their kitchens at home, (because they burnt them down,) John and Mark now must cook in the garage. Watch as
the culinary chaos ensues!
Wednesdays 5pm and 9pm.
Thursdays, 9am and 1pm.

Meet the Truth
Produced by Matthew Naus

Taking an alternate look into current events.
Mondays, 7:30pm.
Tuesdays, 11:30am



Milwaukee Authors
Produced by Dean Andrade

Highlights local authors.
Tuesdays, 9pm.
Wednesdays, Noon.


Mission: Possible
Produced by Mike Glider & Tony Fus
Explore the interworkings of the
New Berlin Police Department
Wednesdays, 6pm andMidnight
Thursdays, 10am.


Recipes with Rufina
Produced by Runfina Garay
Hieghten your Culanary
Skills with Rufina
Mondays, 5pm and 9pm.
Tuesdays, 9am and 1pm.



The Pew
Produced by Rev. Renae Carlson
A panel discusses religion.
Fridays, 8pm.
Saturdays, 2am and 8am.



The Soundtrack to West Allis
Produced by Jeremy Witter
A show highlighting area Music
Saturdays, 9pm
Sundays 10am, 11pm
                                      Tech Talk
  Produced by Debbie & Laverne Dietzel
   Tech Talk is dedicated to educating the public
    about various technology topics of interest.
     Tuesdays, 6pm and Midnight
     Wednesdays, 11am and 2pm
 Viewers Voice
Produced by Sharon Rhode
Support your favorite TV shows.
Visit their website at:
Mondays, 6pm and 10pm.
Tuesdays, 10am.
Walking in the Spirit Ministries
Produced by Carolyn Williams-Espinoza

Preaches the word of God.
Thursdays 7pm
Fridays, 6am and 11am